Who works in a lab?

Labs can vary depending on what the type of research is, but generally they include the following job roles:

  • Principal Invesitgator (PI)- The Professor in charge of the lab.
  • Lab Manager- A student or post-graduate hired professional that manages the business of the lab, coordinating supplies and assisting with larger projects.
  • Post-doctoral Students (Post-docs)- Research students who have completed their PhD program, but are continuing research before beginning their own lab or taking teaching positions.
  • Graduate Students- Students studying for a Master’s or Doctoral Degree.
  • Lab Technicians- Non-student paid employees of the lab hired to perform general lab tasks or assist in technical lab maintenence.
  • Maintenance Staff- Staff hired by the university or company to keep the lab clean and dispose of waste.
A Brief Explanation of "The Lab"