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Austin Igelman

Major: MBB
College: Timothy Dwight
Research Experience: Murthy lab (Biological and Ecological Engineering) at Oregon State University on cellulosic ethanol (fermentation of pentose sugars). Gonzalez lab (Biomedical Engineering) at Yale University on the roles that certain integrins have on lung fibrosis. Ishibe lab (Nephrology) at the Yale School of Medicine. Lifton lab (Genetics) at the Yale School of Medicine.

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Zachary Gardner

Major: Chemistry and MCDB
College: Ezra Stiles
Research Experience: Zachary currently works on small molecule discovery at Yale West Campus and on pediatric-clinical research at Yale New Haven Hospital.
Fun Fact: If his dream to become a physician-scientist fails, he intends to open “The Chai-Brary” - a coffee house with a menu of specialty coffees and pastries organized according to the dewy decimal system.

Research Outreach Co-Chair
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Seungju Hwang

Major: MCDB
College: TD
Research Experience: Seungju currently works in the Craig Crews Lab on axolotl limb regeneration.
Fun Fact: Always wakes up 3 minutes before his alarm

Faculty Outreach Chair
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Omar Zaki

Research Experience: 
Fun Fact: 


Membership Revelopment Chair
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Christina Halcovich

Major: MCDB
College: Morse
Research Experience: Christina has worked at the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in both clinical and research-based settings
Fun Fact: Christina plans to attend medical school after college, with the hopes of entering the field of oncology.

Journal Club Chair
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Zachary Miller

Research Experience: Zachary currently works on the evolution and functional ecology of Greek lizards with Colin Donihue and Professor Oswald Schmitz
Fun Fact: Zachary’s biological interests include the dynamics of evolving systems, mathematical modeling of evolution and ecosystems, and other questions at the intersection of math and evolutionary biology. He hopes that one day someone will pay him to think about them.

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Kevin Huang

Major: MCDB and Economics
College: Trumbull
Research Experience: Kevin currently works in the Nguyen lab at the Yale School of Medicine Department of Pathology on the role of the unfolded protein response in lung adenocarcinoma metastasis and at the Yale School of Medicine Department of Neurology on a clinical research project on family satisfaction int eh NeuroICU.

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Ivy Ren

Major: MCDB
College: Morse
Research Experience: TBD
Fun Fact: Ivy’s goal is to help spread a love of science and research through increased publicity for STEM events and encourage active involvement in the biological sciences. She aspires to become a doctor in the future and looks forward to conducting biological research throughout the upcoming years.

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Chelsea Guo

Major: MBB and Psychology
College: Timothy Dwight
Research Experience: Chelsea currently works in Carson Thoreen’s laboratory at the Yale School of Medicine. 
Fun Fact: Chelsea is an online-shopping extraordinaire.

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Sofia Braunstein

Major: MCDB and Political Science
College: Pierson
Fun Fact: Sofia enjoys spending long periods of time in the dining hall, reading about and discussing world issues, and staying true to her Californian origins by practicing yoga and complaining about the cold.