Where can I find information about what classes to take?

  • The Yale College Program of Study (aka “Blue Book” or “Course Catalog”) - this the primary resource for finding classes and accessing requirements for your major remember to check the online system in addition to the hard copy, as courses can be added, removed, or changed subsequent to the book printing.
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies - Each department has a designated DUS or several in the case of larger departments. This is a faculty member who has taken on the responsibility of becoming familiar with the courses in order to assist undergraduates plan their coursework at Yale.
  • Your academic advisor - In many cases, the DUS will be your academic advisor, however, having another faculty member to get second opinions from is also a good idea. This person may also be your research advisor.
  • A Guide to the Biology Major - Annually, the Biology department (E&EB and MCDB) annualy publishes a guide to the biology major. You can obtain a copy from the department office or from the DUS.
  • Residential College Deans - These are your academic advisors at Yale, and if you need more advice, especially about confusion regarding the requirements, you should schedule a meeting. Remember to schedule the meeting well in advance, as Deans are always quite busy.
  • Upperclassmen / Freshman Counselors - For freshmen, even if your Freshman Couselor is not a science major, chances are one of them is, or at least knows another junior or senior with whom you can speak. Also, remember that any of the YUSBS Board are happy to answer emails.
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