What are the general types/modes of biological research?

There are many categories and methods of reserach, many of which overlap and exist as only vague categories, including:

  • TheoreticalThis can include modeling of a system using a computer, studying a miniaturized version of a system to develop a theory, or any other type of research that has no immediate concrete goal.
  • Field StudyPrimarily this involves collecting various data and samples from a field site.
  • Technology/MethodThis involves a practical approach to developing a particular technology or method for future research. The project itself has theoretical value, but its primary goal lies in developing the tools necessary for a later project.
  • Applied ResearchThis is research done for a specific practical aim. This includes projects sponsored by corporations seeking to develop a marketable technology.
  • Benchworkrefers to working at a laboratory bench, working on assays, genetic manipulations, or other tasks performed at the bench.
  • Tissue Culture/Organism CareCulturing a tissue for study or treatment, or raising/caring for organism for study or treatments.
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